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About the Kongeå Path

Stride out into history
Stroll along Kongeåen and come close to a dramatic part of Danish history. The Danish border was located here between1864-1920, and you can see, hear, smell and feel the history.

Follow the marked walking trail, listen to the birdsong, see the rich plant life, dwell in the beautiful countryside and enjoy the serenity of the protected valley. See nature change when the river runs the marshes into the National Park  Wadden Sea by Kongeå  dam. Take time to read or hear the amazing stories about the fates and about life on both sides of Kongeåen throughout many generations.

The Kongeå Path is 67 kilometres long and can be enjoyed in small chunks, just as you have plenty of opportunities to make small detours where unexpected experiences and adventures may await.

The project is supported by:
The Danish Outdoor Council, Vejen Municipality, Landdistrikter.dk, The AP Møller Support Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, The Green Scheme.