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Shelter area at Kongeå sluice

This shelter has a completely isolated location in the beautiful and unique marsh landscape.

There are two shelters at the area, which are available for your use. There are picnic tables and benches at the site and there is a campfire area so you can cook over an open fire.

There is also a toilet.

There is no running water in this area, so you have to bring your own.

The site also has a canoe hauling area, which makes it possible to come ashore with your canoe.


The bird life in the Wadden Sea is quite unique and you cannot fail to see some birds when you are here. If you are curious to find out which bird you can hear or see, you can download the app and most probably find it there.


Address: Jedsted Engevej 32, DK-6771 Gredstedbro.