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Shelter area at Vilslev

There are two shelters at the this area, which are available for your use. There are picnic tables and benches at the site, and theree is a campfire so you can cook over an open fire.

Here is also a fishing area that is wheelchair accessible. If you are not walking-impaired, please respect that this fishing area is intended for disabled people.

Canoe hauling

The site also has a canoe hauling area, which makes it possible for you to come ashore with your canoe and launch your canoe in the water. It is only permitted to can only sail against the tide on the stretch west of Jedsted Mølle (Jedsted Mill).

It is possible to buy groceries in the supermarket Brugsen, which is on the other side of the river.

Free wifi

This area also offers you a digital information display, where you on the Kongeå Path's website. There is also free wifi by the information stand. Take the opportunity to download the Kongeå Path app, which tells you all about experiences and adventures along the river Kongeå.


This area has permanent residents living adjacent to it, so the area must be quiet by 10:00pm.


Address: Kongeådal 20A, DK-6771 Gredstedbro