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Smuggled calf in a sack

A man smuggled a calf across the border. He told the customs officers that it was his dog that he was on the way to drown in the river.

Three men had bet if it was possible to smuggle a calf across the border. One of them was confident that he could prove he could do it.

The man had a large dog, and he put in a sack. He was wearing the sack with the dog slung across his back, when he was pulled over by customs officials. They wanted to see the calf, they were certain he had in the bag.

- No, no, that's my dog, which I am going to drown in the river, explained the man.

The customs officers laughed and ordered him to open the sack. The dog slipped out and ran home immediately. The man pretended to be angry and complained that it would now be difficult to catch his dog again.

Later that day, the man came back with the sack on his back. He asked customs officials if they wanted to see his dog again, but having learnt from their earlier mistake, they just waved him on.

This time there was a calf in the sack.

Place: Bavngård in Kalvslund Parish
Source: Arne Madsen, Føvling