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A high price for fleeing

Many men from South Jutland left Jutland to avoid German military service during the First World War. But it came at a price.

Right back from 1864, and especially during the First World War, many young men from South Jutland fled to Denmark. Some did so to avoid being called up for military service, while those who had already been called up, took the opportunity to cross the river Kongeå when they were home on leave

However, there was an expensive price to pay for their escape. Once a young man had first fled to Denmark, it would mean that later he could possess neither the family farm nor anything else on the German side of the border.  He could not even expect to be allowed to come home to his own mother and father's funerals.

Many young men fled over the river Kongeå during the First World War. 


Place: The river Kongeå

Source: Jørgen Kloppenborg Skrumsager