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Peter Jorgensen fra Foldingbro tells how in 1945 he saw saboteurs blow up a German office building.
- During World War II, we lived right next Foldingbro Inn on the south side of the river Kongeå. I was only five years old, but I can remember it very clearly.
- Just opposite my home, the Germans had dug a garage into the cliff with room for four trucks. The old channel went back and there was a large barrack, where the Germans had  an office. We wanted to go over there because they had such a nice office lady who we joked around with.
- Sometime in 1945, when the war was about to end, some resistance fighters to us one evening at around midnight. They said that there would be a large explosion in about half an hour.
- The resistance fighters had a 93-year-old woman with them. It was Hanne Sejstrup from the neighbouring house. My father was angry and asked what on earth they were doing turning up like that with an old woman in the middle of the night. They were not remotely bothered by this, and they asked if he wanted to take care of her or not. Of course he did.
- Then we went into the bedroom. I can still hardly believe that we dared to do so. We were five children, my mother and father and the old woman. We pulled the beds away from the wall and arranged the bedding and mattresses, so that we could sit behind it. We were told to open all the windows in the house because of the blast that would come.
- So we sat there, and I can remember it just as clearly as if it were yesterday. Suddenly there was a loud boom, and we saw a huge flash of light. The curtains blew in towards the ceiling, and had the windows been opened, all the windows would have broken. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief that no one was hurt, and my father took the old woman home after the experience.
Place: Foldingbro south of the river Kongeå

Source: Peter Jørgensen, Foldingbro.