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The woman was a man

Close to freedom, a deserter during World War I came to reveal himself.

Two young women came walking from Skodborg. On their way, they met a German officer. He was on his way to Skodborg, where the German soldiers had their headquarters and military camp during World War I.
The officer greeted the two women and started a conversation with one of them. At one point, he turned to the other woman and was somewhat taken aback. The woman struck her heels together, thus revealing her, or rather his identity.

It had been drummed into the German soldiers that when they were approached by an officer, they had to strike their heels together and salute. The soldier neglected to salute, but he did strike his heels together, and so he had revealed himself.

The soldier was a deserter from the German army. Like other deserters, he was given the choice of one year in prison or of going the front. He chose the front, and apparently came back again, since he lived to tell the story.

Place: Between Skodborg and Skodborghus
Source: Erik Larsen, Skodborghus.