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World-class nature

The river Kongeå has been selected as a Natura 2000 site. These are areas in the EU which have a particularly valuable nature. The objective of Natura 2000 is to protect the nature by initiating a cooperation across different country borders.
In Denmark, there are a total of 252 Natura 2000 sites. These areas cover approximately 8 percent of the Danish land area and 17 percent of the Danish seas.
Some animals and birds move across the borders, and many plants become spread over wider distances by spreading seeds from one natural area to another. Some habitats are rare, and some are home to rare or endangered species.
We have a special obligation to take care of endangered animals, plants and other nature in Natura 2000 areas. We can do this by ensuring the habitats are large enough for the stocks to survive.
The Kongeå area has been selected as a Natura 2000 site because it is important to take care of, inter alia, the following animals, fish and plant communities:
  • otters
  • houting
  • sea lamprey
  • brook lamprey
  • river lamprey
  • rich fens
  • grasslands