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The Act on the Conservation of Nature

The purpose of this Act is to help to conserve Denmark's nature and environment in such a way that developments in society are sustainable, and are respectful of both human living requirements and the conservation of flora and fauna.

Particular aims of the Act are:

1) to conserve nature, and its wild population of flora and fauna, as well as their habitats and to conserve and protect landscape, cultural-heritage, scientific and educational assets

2) to improve, re-establish or create areas that are of importance for wild flora and fauna or of interest in terms of landscape and cultural heritage and

3) to allow people to access and spend time in areas of nature and to improve opportunities for open-air leisure.

Administration of this Act should emphasise an area's importance to the public interest that is attributable to its location.

Grasslands, heaths, meadows, coastal marshland and lakes are thus covered by the the Act on the Conservation of Nature .