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Møllestien (The Mill Path)

Møllestien (the Mill Path) is a 2.7 kilometre nature trail. The path goes from Sønderskov Hovedgård  (Søndeskov Manor) via Sønderskov Mølle (Sønderskov Mill), around Maltbæk Enge and back to the manor.

The route will allow you to experience a wonderful manor landscape that has hardly changed since the late 1700s. The same forests, fields, dikes and meadows exist today as back in those days. The pond Klædammen and church avenue to Folding Church also remain much as they did over 200 years ago.

The route takes you over an 81-metre long path constructed of solid oak planks. Most of the plank path was built from oak trees that were blown down in a hurricane in the area south of Sønderskov in 1999.

Mill from the Middle Ages
Sønderskov Mill has probably existed since the Middle Ages, when Sønderskov Manor was built. Parts of millstones dating from 1400s and 1500s were found on the estate.

Read more about the  the Mill Path on www.sonderskov.dk.

Møllestien ved Sønderskov Hovedgård