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The Wadden Sea National Park

From the top of the dike at Kongeå sluice, you can gaze out over the Wadden Sea National Park. The national park is primarily a marine national park, but also includes the Wadden Sea Islands Fanø, Mandø and Rømø.

The Wadden Sea extends from Ho bay in the north to Den Helder in the Netherlands. In all three countries, the Wadden Sea has been designated as National Parks, and since 2014 it is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The reason for this is that the Wadden Sea serves as a giant source of food, which is visited by about 10 million birds on an annual basis, which all feed on the tidal flats and forelands in front of the dikes.

Many forms of nature are represented here such as tidal meadows, dunes, heath land, plantations and animal and plant life, including Denmark’s largest predator, the common seals and gray seals. The seals can often be seen lying and sunbathing on the tidal flats

More information: http://nationalparkvadehavet.dk/