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From Villebøl to Foldingbro

The route is 11.2 km 
The tour starts at the rest area by the bridge called Villebøl Bro south of Tobøl. Here you will find an information display screen, toilet and picnic tables and benches. By Villebro Bro there is also a campsite with a small shop
Along the first stretch, you can either choose to walk on the south or north side of the river. The first stretch is an open flat river valley, but later you will follow the valley slopes.
Notice the fine grassland on the slopes leading down to the creek. On the way you will go past Sophus Ejler Jepsen's concrete staircase sculpture. After that it is possible to walk up to Ravningvej. At the parking area at Ravningvej you will find the remains of a large meadow irrigation channel.
Ferry place
The place where Nielsby Dambrug (fish farm) is today, was previously a small primitive ferry place. In reality, the ferry was really just a large, flat-bottomed wooden box that you pulled across the river with ropes. Nevertheless, the locals gave the vessel the royal name Oscar II. Close to the fish farm, on Kongeåvej 128, you will find a parking area.
From Nielsby Dambrug, you walk a further 4.5 kilometres on the south side of the river, until you get to Foldingbro. This stretch takes you throuhg a small oak scrub, where the river has steep slopes. This is the site where people fled over the river during World War 1. The path runs alongside the river and over the meadows for the last stretch before you reach the town. When you get to Foldingbro, you cross the river.
In the past, Foldingbro was an important customs and border by the river Kongeå. On both sides of the river there was an inn and a guardhouse for the gendarmes. In Foldingbro you can choose to make a detour to the hilly area of Åtte Bjerge, which is located about 2 kilometres northwest of the town.
In the parking area opposite the Kongeåkroen  inn in Foldingbro, you will find a digital information display with free Wi-Fi. Here you can read interesting information about the rich nature and history of the Kongeå area.
At the reunification mound there are picnic tables and benches overlooking the river.