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Early marsh-orchid

- with beautiful shades of white, red, pink and purple
Behind the rather plain name hides a beautiful plant with many colours - from pure white and pale pink to bright pink and dark purple. Large colour variations can especially be found in larger growth areas. 
The early marsh-orchid has thick green leaves that reach above the axil's lower flowers. The leaves are widest at the base, and unlike the western marsh-orchid, the leaves have no markings. The flower's lips have a clear bow pattern.
Early marsh-orchids are usually found in meadows and calcium-rich fens. They are most commonly found east of the Jutland Ridge. It can also be found in sand dune hollows along the west coast, where the soil is rich in calcium from the seashells.
Facts about the early marsh-orchid
Height: 15 to 40 cm
Flowers in June. 
Thick green leaves. Flowers in many different colours.
Most common in east Denmark, fairly uncommon in West Jutland.

Kødfarvet Gøgeurt, Foto: Biopix