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Water mint

- Mint for tea and toothpaste

Water mint is very common in meadows, bogs and along streams. It is best known for its strong scent of mint, which spreads if you step on the leaves. It has a good, strong mint taste and is really good for infusions. It can be used both fresh and dried. There are many species of mint, but the curly mint and peppermint are the most widely known. Peppermint is a mixture of water and spearmint and it is quite rare in Denmark. Already in 1300, there is a listing of mint in cookbook recipes. It has been used for tea, schnapps, cakes and desserts. In England, mint jelly is an indispensable accompaniment with roast lamb. Mint is also widely used today for toothpaste, confectionary and herbal teas.



Mint has curative and preventative qualities

Mint has been used to cure virtually all diseases and is also known to encourage ” the natural work” ( sex). ”But no life’s fruit and blessings follow” i.e. that it is supposed to prevent pregnancy.


Facts:  Height 20-70 cm. Leaves and stems reddish, usually hairy. Blooms in July-August. The inflorescence is head shaped, including 1-2 wreaths with violet flowers. Is common throughout Denmark and grows in nutrient-rich damp soil in meadows, fens, ditches and reed swamps