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Globe flower

- a flower despite having the name of a fruit
The globe flower, with its large spherical yellow flowers, is one of the most beautiful meadow plants to be found in Denmark. The Danish name, 'engblommen' (literally 'meadow plum') has nothing to do with plums. It comes from the Old Norse 'Blumi', which means flower.
The globe flower needs a calcium-rich soil, and it grows in a natural habitat, called a rich fen.
The globe flower was once common in most of the country, but in recent years has seen a decline. The decline is due to the reduction of ​​meadows with grass and mowed hay.
The globe flower can only be pollinated by the globe flower fly. If just for one summer, the flower does not bloom, the fly will become extinct and the globe flower can no longer propogate in this area. It will die out after a few years when the last remaining plants die of old age.
Globe flower (Photo: Inge Nagstrup)
Facts about the globe flower
Height: 20-50 cm
Perennial plant Grows in damp meadows with low vegetation. Blooms from May to June with yellow flowers.
The globe flower is an extremely rare and threatened flower throughout the country.